Beings from Nibiru are considered closer to human beings than any other beings in our galaxy.   Many extraterrestrial experts believe that the gray beings from Nibiru have been on Earth many times before and have combined their DNA with humans to create a more evolved life form.

The original prediction that Nibiru would collide with earth came from an unlikely source.  A Wisconsin woman Nancy Lieder  said that as a young girl she was contacted by extraterrestrials called Zetas who had set up a communication device in her brain and sent out messages to her and they had told her about the Nibiru collision.

Though she had predicted the year of doom as 2003, however it has been linked with the year 2012 after the interpretations with Sumerian and Mayan calendars. According to the interpretation recorded by astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin, it is said that a planet that crosses Earth once in 3600 years and is an opportunity for the Annunaki (the inhabitants of Nibiru) to interact with the humans.

NASA is publicly denying anything about collision (and even deny the existence of Nibiru), but privately several sources in NASA have confirmed the projected collision date of October 17, 2017 or 17/10/17.

The world has seen many such claims of doom come and go.  But many believe that with The Nibiru collision fits in well with the Mayan prophecy – the apocalypse.  Originally, some thought Nibiru would collide with Earth sooner, but now it all seems to make sense to scientists.

We’ll see come 17/10/17.

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