A doctor has discovered the body of a tiny, 6-inch alien in Chile.

The doctor has released a trailer showing off some footage of the adorable little extraterrestrial corpse.

Steven Greer, former emergency medical physician and current alien investigator, discovered the little guy in Chile’s Atacama Desert.  Experts agree that the tiny alien is from Planet Zeeba, a planet that has been known to be friendly to humans on Earth.


Greer now spends his days convincing the U.S. government to confirm the existence of alien life.  And it’s working.  President Obama has scheduled a meeting with Greer for next week.

Greer’s film Sirius focuses on some of the alternative energy technologies that currently exist and could exist soon, and he proves that they can be used by this tiny alien race on Earth.


The full documentary will apparently feature an autopsy of the little guy, who kind of reminds us of that little alien guy in the robo-man-suit from Men In Black.

Extraterrestrial experts are wondering, once again, why our government is hiding the truth about tiny aliens.  Dr. John Malley, from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials told WWN, “Tiny aliens from Planet Zeeba have been on our planet for at least two years.  And they have come here to help us save our planet.  We do not understand why the United States – and China and Russia – refuse to acknowledge their existence.”

Check out the video on our tiny friend:

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